Our InMotion Adjustable beds create a custom sleep experience when paired with one of our mattresses.


Our InMotion beds are manufactured to create a custom sleep experience with silent lift motors, high lift capacity and remote controls.

Quality Craftsmanship

550/600 pound lift capacity
Silent lift motors
Free fall safety design
Accommodates most headboards

Supports Health and Wellbeing

More comfortable sleep in customized positions
Help with join and back pain and improves circulation
More restful sleep and enhanced options for work and leisure

Handcrafted in the USA

All of our products are made in Nashville and provide nationwide warranty support
75-point quality inspection
Make it Right™ Guarantee


Our InMotion Adjustable beds are perfect for those of you who work in bed or have partners with different sleeping needs.

Available on all models:

550/650 lb. lift capacity

Silent lift motors

Zero clearance

Free-fall safety design

Leg height options

Accommodates most headboards

Nationwide warranty support

Fits most headboards and footboards

Platinum Series (P-94)

• Deck-on-deck
• “Easy Reach”
• Back & leg Lift
• Wireless hand control
• Back/Leg massage w/timer & wave
• Flat button
• 3 programmable positions
• 1-touch dual motor lift system

Gold Series (G-98)

• Back & leg Lift
• “Easy Reach”
• Wireless hand control
• Back & leg massage w/timer & wave
• Flat button
• 2 programmable settings
• 2 programmable positions

Bronze Series (B-20)

• Back & Leg Lift
• Wired hand control
• Continuous up/down feature
• 2 programmable positions

Silver Series (S-84)

• Back & leg lift
• Back & leg massage w/timer
• Wireless back-lit hand control
• Flat button
• Flashlight feature
• 1 programmable position

Copper Series (C-10)

• Back Lift
• Wired hand control
• 550 lbs. total lift max
• Slim design

“Thank you so much for delivering the perfect bedding at the perfect price point.”

– Iris, happy Southerland Customer